20 B2B Buying Signals

One of the hardest things to teach an aspiring sales person is how to know when they’re talking to a worthwhile opportunity. I’ve complied a list of buying signals relevant to B2B sellers, below. Generally speaking, these signals are listed in somewhat chronological order of “appearance” and increasing strength of the buying signal.

  1. A website inquiry or inbound sales call or email
  2. Asking specific questions about the solution
  3. Requests for a follow up by the “buyer”
  4. Multiple people from the “buying” organization are independently requesting information
  5. Inquiring about how the solution is applied and/or implemented
  6. Requests for more detailed information or sample outputs be provided
  7. Admitting that the company has a problem or is unhappy with their current solution and that the seller’s offering may be the answer
  8. Learning that the organization has been looking for a solution like the seller’s
  9. Commenting that the contract term for the current solution is approaching expiration and that the seller should “revisit” the opportunity at that time
  10. Asking for examples of companies that are using the seller’s solution
  11. Questions about specific pricing and/or payment terms or plans
  12. Mentioning that there is a corporate initiate to investigate and/or acquire a solution like the seller’s
  13. Willingness to champion or promote the solution internally to try to acquire it
  14. Providing insight into the company’s buying process and/or who the ultimate decision-maker(s) is/are
  15. Commenting about internal funding availability or budgeting for the next fiscal year
  16. A request for a demonstration and/or discussion with the selling organization’s technical team to answer application questions
  17. A request for references or to talk to or visit the seller’s customer(s)
  18. Learning that the seller’s offering has made it to the “final few” or, even better, deemed the “favored” solution
  19. A request to discuss payment terms, delivery schedule or contractual terms
  20. A verbal “go-ahead” to buy

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